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A feast through the ages

July 8, 2010

bompas & parr complete history of foodIf, like me, you salavated throughout Heston Blumenthal’s Feasts series (or at the very least had your interest piqued) then I have some great news. Bompas and Parr, the increasingly ubiquitous jellymongers, are hosting a similar culinary spectacular.  Only this time you can actually eat the food!

The Complete History of Food, presented by Courvoisier with Bompas and Parr, is a somewhat surreal step through the ages, represented by different ‘food eras’. Visitors will wander through a five-floor Georgian townhouse in London’s Belgrave Square, where Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian and contemporary scenes are structured room-by-room.

Top chefs and mixologists have interpreted key periods in food history, offering guests four courses each complemented with a serving of Courvoisier (in cocktail or jelly form) as well as an amuse-bouche, entrée, plat principal and dessert – not bad for £25 a head.

Paul Tvaroh, founder of Lounge Bohemia is teaming up with Michelin-starred chef Alexis Gauthier of Gauthier Soho to offer contemporary gastronomic creations for the starter. The main course comes from pop-up kings Bistrotheque inspired by the 1853 Iguanodon Dinner and expertise from the Grant Museum of Zoology.

How they’ll carry out the flooded dining room and dinner in the belly of a dinosaur is anyone’s guess. But I certainly don’t want to miss it.

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