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There’s a glass of fat in Chinese takeaways… Yeah, and?

August 6, 2010 those of you who don’t pour over bizarre articles the Metro every morning,  I have some rather bad news. Are you sitting down? Ok, so. It appears that takeaways have fat in them. And not just a small amount. Oh no. They have – wait for it – a lot of fat in them. A whole glass of fat, in fact.

Are you sensing the tone? That, in case you couldn’t tell, is sarcasm. Because of course takeaways have fat in them. If the oil gathering in pools atop your chicken tikka masala didn’t give it away, then surely the grease left trickling down your chin after a chow mein will. A glass of fat in a Chinese takeaway? Sure, I can believe that. Over 2,800 calories in a meal of prawn crackers, crispy duck, chicken balls and spring rolls? Yep, sounds about right.

How has this so-called ‘research’ become newsworthy? Especially when the company behind it happens to be promoting a new weight loss pill (I  assume we’re supposed to pop one of these after our takeaway to cancel it out).

Instead of pill-popping, how about just eating fewer takeaways? As nutritionist Mary Strugar put it: “Takeaways as an occasional treat are fine. But when such high volumes of fat, calories and salt are consumed on a more regular basis you’re in serious danger of putting your health on the line.”

So everyone, takeaways are bad for you.  Spread the word.

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